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Water Safety opportunities

Water Safety remains one of the most important aspects of running our amazing nipper program – without you we can not run. Remember up to half your patrol hours can be gained by doing water safety.

This year we need to carefully balance the safety of our nippers and getting as many kids in the water as we can at any one time and the numbers we have congregating on the beach. To ensure each age group has the correct numbers of water safety.

This year the program will run from 9am-10.30 and water safety will be assigned to a sub-group (of 20 nippers) within an age group and will need to stay with that group for the whole program. This not only reduces the contacts between people, but also gives the nippers a real chance to get to know and learn from our water safety team.

Can I ask that you get any member of your family to complete the registration form by clicking on the link below. Closing date for signing up will be Wednesday 23rd of December.

After this date water safety groups will be allocated based on the number of registrations received and participants texted to advise of their allocated group. Those who do not complete the registration process will not be able to help out this year.

This year our SRC candidates will be running separately to the main program and we require water safety to support them too. If you don’t relish the early start and can help with this group please note the times are 3pm – 5pm.

Please click this link to get involved


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