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Stay Sunsmart

Anglesea supports the Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Sun Safety Policy which is attached below and is undergoing a transition to ensure we meet the policy requirements for Anglesea Members during a transition period to ensuring we provide protection to Anglesea Surf Club Members and supporters. 

The key initiatives we have put in place over the last 3-4 years include :

  • Nipper's Sun Protection

    • Peak Hats and Rash Vests provided over the last four years

    • Free Sunscreen protection and enforcement provided on a daily basis

    • On excessively hot days, where the temperature is greater than 30 degrees, Nipper Club events are deferred or an early finish is provided

    • SRC water activities start earlier, particularly on these hotter days

    • Shady area's provided for lunch time BBQ's and debrief sessions and also for SRC

    • Constant reminder to parents on the importance and need for sun protection with hats, shirts, sunscreen etc

    • Free sunscreen protection provided to all Nippers

  • General Patrol and Anglesea Carnival Day's Protection

    • Reiteration for shaded area protection for Officials and Competitors where possible


For the forthcoming season, the Committee has also agreed to a number of additional initiatives and these include:

  • Nipper's Sun Protection

    • Wide-brimmed hats with dark underside to be provided for the new season

    • Free sunscreen protection provided to all Nippers

    • Program to commence at 9am and conclude at 11am; particularly for all hot days and hopefully for the entire program (dependant upon parent reaction)

    • Long sleeved, with high collar, t-shirts to be provided for non-aquatic sun cover

    • Rash vests will continue to be provided but with slightly longer sleeves to ensure better coverage to the elbow

    • Short length to just above the knee will be available through our shop as they have been in previous seasons

    • Each Nipper bag to have sunscreen included and literature for parents about exposure to the sun

  • Sunscreen Policy reinforcement

    • The Committee will ensure that briefings to all Club and Patrol members and Nippers coordinators will be provided to ensure all LSV Sun Safety policy are met and reinforcing the need for enforcement.

    • The Committee are also looking to remove from our Cafe non-nutritional products such as fizzy soft drinks which does not provide proper hydration.

Lifesaving Victoria - Sun smart Policy

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