Annual Reports

Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club is affiliated with Surf Lifesaving Australia and Lifesaving Victoria and under the conditions of affilation it is required to submit audited annual reports.


Additionaly, Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club is registered with the Australian Governments, Australian Charities and "Not for Profits" Commission (ACNC) and under the requirements of registration is required to submit an Annual Information Statment or Annual Report.


ASLSC 69th Annual Report 2019.20

ASLSC 68th Annual Report 2018.19

ASLSC 67th Annual Report 2017.18

ASLSC 66th Annual Report 2016.17

ASLSC 65th Annual Report 2015.16

ASLSC 64th Annual Report 2014.15

ASLSC 63rd Annual Report 2013.14

ASLSC 62nd Annual Report 2012.13

ASLSC 61st Annual Report 2011.12

ASLSC 60th Annual Report 2010.11

ASLSC 59th Annual Report 2009.10

ASLSC 58th Annual Report 2008.09

ASLSC 57th Annual Report 2007.10