ASLSC Supporters Group


The Anglesea SLSC Supporters group exists as the name suggests, to support the activities of the club. Its activities are primarily directed at providing financial support to the club, development of surf sports activities and youth development programs and development of the Club's support for local youth and community activities.


Participation in the Supporters group activities is open to both existing ASLSC members and invitees over 18 years of age. 

Participation/membership is free of charge.

Any donations made to assist the Supporters group programs are tax deductible. 

The ASLSC Supporters Group Committee includes:

Geoffrey Inman 

John Turner 

Bernie Murray

Geoff Elliott

Mick McConnell

David Kennedy

Mark Gowans

They are supported by Robin Veale, Ron Canale and Barry White.

Interested in Joining or Participating?

If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Secretary, John Turner on 0447 560 733 or Chairman, Geoffrey Inman on 0408 336 370.