Strategy & Governance

Strategic Plan 2025 Project!


As we move into 2020 the development of our Strategic Plan has concluded and we are beginning implementation. We have to remember that the club and the environment in which we operate is changing. The expectations of our members and stakeholders has evolved and is not what it was 20+ years ago.


Later this year we will have a brand-new clubhouse which we need to maximise usage of. It is critical that we have a strong plan to guide the club into the future and its next evolution. 


With the assistance of the Geelong Consulting Group following extensive consultation and research we have  produced a new Strategic and Business Plan.

These plans were endorsed by the ASLSC Board of Directors at the April 2020 meeting.

Anglesea Strategy 2025 

Strategy 2025 Summary Document 

The Research and Consultation Report was developed throughout the last few months and has guided the development of the plan.  We thank all members and social pass holders for their input and feedback over the last 9 months.


Constitution and By-Laws


Anglesea SLSC abides by our constitution which was last reviewed last in 2015 with a significant upgrade to both our constitution and by-laws. This process has be thorough and all stakeholders will be given the opportunity to provide feedback and comment on both the constitution and by-laws.


Anglesea SLSC - Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Anglesea SLSC - Constitution


Anglesea SLSC By Laws



Governance Charter

Anglesea SLSC Governance Charter - 2019


Governance Principles

Anglesea SLSC Governance Principles - review of season 2018 -2019