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Nipper Registration Instructions

Steps for registering your child for Nippers



Please note that the Nipper Summer Program, Starfish Nipper Program and U14 Nippers (SRC) registrations open 1st October close on 1st December each year.

Please do NOT apply for or renew family memberships after this date to help us minimise

administration and refunds.

STEP 1 - Obtain your Working With Children Check (WWCC)

All members aged 18 years and older MUST hold a WWCC. Many people may already hold a WWCC with other organisations. If this is the case you must update your WWCC to add Anglesea SLSC and Life Saving Victoria to your list of organisations. 

If you do not hold a WWCC you must apply for one. 


Please read WWCC/VIT information on how to apply for/renew/update and report your WWCC to us.

Membership cannot be processed without a WWCC. As these can sometimes take some time, to avoid disappointment we urge you not to leave it until you are ready to register for the nipper Program to organise your WWCC.

STEP 2 - Renew/Apply and Pay for Membership

Please ensure you have renewed or applied for a membership for EACH member of your family who wants to be involved. Nippers are aged 6 to 13.


Please read membership information on how to apply for/renew/create a Family Group. Don't forget to pay!

STEP 3 - Pay for Membership

You will be prompted to make your payment once you have submitted your application or renewal.

Memberships will not be processed unless all requirements have been met.

Do not pay your Nipper Levy at this stage. The Nipper Levy should be paid during online Nipper Registration.

2022/23 Fee Schedule

STEP 4 - Receive your Digital Member Card/s

This will be emailed to you to confirm your membership has been fully processed.


Your Digital Member Card will be required for:

  • Nipper/Starfish/SRC Registration - must be uploaded into the online Nipper Registration Form

  • Course/Camp Registration - must be uploaded into the online registration page

STEP 5 - Complete a Preliminary Skills Evaluation for each Nipper

Please note this Preliminary Skills Evaluation must be done every year and is a LSV requirement. Under 7 Nippers do not need to complete this form.

Starfish Nippers must complete a Medical Form.

STEP 5 - Use the password provided in your Membership Conformation email to Complete the Online Nipper Registration.

Nipper Registration CANNOT be completed until ALL membership requirements  and swim proficiency have been met.

Upload your Digital Member Card (which will be emailed to you along with your password) and Preliminary Skills Evaluation Forms (Medical Form if you are a Starfish Nipper).

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $25 per child Nipper levy which assists with covering the increasing costs of purchasing and maintaining Nipper equipment (including appropriate maintenance, storage and repair of Nipper boards), the Nipper pack and the administration and running of the program. This covers the costs of all the summer & school term sessions & enables your child to attend Dolphins sessions all year round. This fee is payable upon online Nipper Registration.

COVID Vaccinations

It is highly recommended to be vaccinated but is not compulsory.

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