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Surf Sport Events

The Water Section consists of four main disciplines:

  • Board Paddling

  • Surf Ski Paddling

  • Surf Swimming

  • Multi-disciplinary events, such as Iron person, Cameron Relay and Taplin Relay

Board Paddling:

Board paddling is one of the basic skills for surf life saving and is also an exciting area of competition to get involved in.

Surf Ski Paddling :

Ski paddling is a popular activity for both social and competitive people.

Events include long distance ocean events as well as single, double and relay surf sports events. Ski paddling is also part of the Ironman discipline.

Surf Swimming :

Swimming is the primary skill required of surf lifesavers. Swimming is also a surf sports event and forms part of the Ironman and other relay events.

All club members need to pass a swimming proficiency test to ensure they are competent in the water.

Iron Person :

The Iron person is made of three components; board, ski and swim, all of which are vital to being successful in this event.


Ivor Morgan 

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