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Junior Proficiency Guidelines

Each year you must requalify your award before December 31, similar to gaining your S-Badge in Nippers every year. This will require attending Skill Maintenance (Requals) from mid-November to December 31.

To requalify your SRC or Bronze Medallion you will be required to:

  • answer a multiple choice online theory via your LSV Members Training Portal (you will need to create an SLSA Member  Area account for yourself. The LSV Members Training Portal requires the same username and password).

  • demonstrate your resuscitation skills at a practical session at the Club

  • demonstrate your rescue skills at a practical session at the Club

  • complete a run swim run at a practical session at the Club .


If you are going to attend the Bronze Course in December (must be 15yo), you don't have to requalify your SRC.

Our Skills Maintenance webpage has Skills Maintenance practical session dates and further details.


If you have any questions regarding the requalification process, please talk to the Director of Member Development.

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