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Beach Sprinting & Flags

The Anglesea beach sprint team has a strong tradition in being one of the elite beach teams within Australia.

Over the past 20 years Anglesea has worked hard to produce over 50 Australian national medals, a number of state and national team representatives and countless amounts of Victorian state medals.

This success is largely down to Head Coach of the Anglesea Beach Sprint Team, Peter Van Miltenburg, 1984 Australian Olympian and now Level 4 track & field Coach, Level 3 beach sprint coach.  Peter has a vast knowledge in all things beach and combined with strong competitive mindset of the beach team hopes to continue the strong tradition of success for this powerful club.

The beach sprint events include:

  • Beach Sprint (90m)

  • Beach Flags (20m)

  • 2km run

  • Beach Relay (4 X 90m)


Adam Martin (E)

Beach Flags
Aussies Relay2
Aussies Flags
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