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Skills Maintenance (Requal)

Skills Maintenance is intended to ensure that all patrolling lifesavers remain proficient in their skills and display full knowledge and understanding of the patrol award criteria for which they are being assessed. The Skills Maintenance assists to :
  • Ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activity
  • Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of lifesavers
  • Satisfy legal and statutory requirements
  • Reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the beach going public
All members who wish to actively take part in patrol duties, Water Safety for the nipper Program or compete in competitions at a State or National level must undertake annual Skills Maintenance activities to maintain proficiency.
Skills Maintenance includes practical assessments and, for some awards, an online theory component (see below).
Skills Maintenance Table.jpg

Complete your online theory via your LSV Member Training Portal prior to attending a practical session.

There will be no opportunity to do this on the day.

You must book into a practical session.

Practical Skills Maintenance Session Dates

For step by step instructions - please follow the link below
How to: Skills Maintenance (Requal)

On the day Members must bring:​

  • IRB Drivers must bring their current Marine Licence.

  • A copy of your online theory certificate - you must have completed this prior.
    Online Theory is completed via your LSV Member Training Portal.


If you intend on completing your Skills Maintenance practical session at another Club, please take a copy of your signed proficiency card before handing it in and email the copy to letting us know which Club you attended.

How do I access my LSV Member Training Portal?

You can access your LSV Member Training Portal by clicking here and enter your SLS Member Area account username and password.


New users are advised to select ‘Register Account’.

Alternatively, you can access your LSV Members Training Portal via your SLS Member Area account. Select eLearning to be redirected to the LSV Member Training Portal. To access via your SLS Member Area account you will need to have your own SLS Member Area account. If you are starting to gain awards, it is recommended that you create your own SLS Member Area account. This way you can keep track of your own awards and patrol hours and book into new awards and Skills Maintenance practical sessions. You can remain part of the Family Group, but it allows you access to your individual membership details.


Once online questions have successfully been completed, print out or take a copy of the certificate and bring it along to the practical session.

Any questions please email or phone the office on 03 5263 1107.

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