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Anglesea SLSC has a proud history in Competition.

Our lifesavers engage in regular competition all year round to maintain their skills and fitness. These competitions include Beach, Swimming Pool & Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) competitions.


Competition at Anglesea SLSC is both fun and fierce, and is conducted in the highest standard of sportsmanship. Competition is provided for members who wish to compete at an elite level or at a participatory level.


Every member is able to compete to whatever level they desire, and is available for a comprehensive range of age categories, male and female.

Members from Under 7's to Masters (30 years & over) enjoy the sporting events in a variety of disciplines, such as:

  • Beach Competitions: held during the summer months from December through to March. Junior & Senior Carnivals are generally held most weekends during this period. Competition is open to all age groups. Events include: Surf Skis, Board Paddling, Beach Sprinting, Swimming, Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R), Beach Flags, Surf Boat Rowing & Distance Running.

  • IRB Competitions: held during the winter months from April to July across the state. Competition is open to senior age groups only (16+). Events include: Mass Rescue, Rescue Event & Rescue Tube.

  • Pool Competitions: held during the winter months from April through to September based mainly in Metropolitan Melbourne. Competition is open to all age groups. Events include Obstacle swims, Manikan Carry, Superlifesaver, Line Throw and a number of team related disciplines.

For more information contact Ian McGain Director of Surf Sports

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