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Our History

Club Origins

The Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club was born out of a public meeting held at the Anglesea RSL Hall on 2 January 1952 and in its first season had 30 Active members.

From these fairly humble beginnings Anglesea has grown into one of the nations leading surf life saving clubs, noted for its innovation, its support to the overall development of members both as lifesavers and citizens, and its reputation as a family oriented club.


Along the way it has consistently provided a high level of patrol efficiency on the Anglesea beach and has underpinned this with a strong focus on lifesaving competition with an enviable record of State and Australian Champions and Finalists.

Since the 1960’s the club has as well placed a strong emphasis on the Junior Activities area, which feeds into the member development program. The ‘Herald Learn to Swim’ was conducted at the Anglesea River and on the main beach. This led to Anglesea SLSC forming a Nipper group in 1968. At the time only boys could then participate, but in 1974 Anglesea Women’s Auxiliary Members formed a Nipperette group for the girls.


In 2018, ASLSC celebrated its 50 years of Nippers milestone. This program was extended by the development of our Cadet area and the introduction of the Youth Involvement Program, aimed at our 15 to 18 year old members. In 2021 the club organized lifesaving sessions with the local schoolchildren and their parents with great success.

In 2011 the Club was instrumental in creating and organizing a program called ‘Starfish Nippers’ for people with challenges, to participate in lifesaving activities. Starfish Nippers is now successfully conducted all around Australia and overseas. 

In January 1981 females could gain a Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion and to become Active patrolling Members. Today our active female membership is vital and an integral part of the club ‘s operations and we had our first female President elected in 2010.

Apart from beach patrol duties, club members have also played a role in providing emergency support as well as assisting with the cleaning up for the local community during and after the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983.

Many ASLSC members have achieved Olympic and Commonwealth games representation. A group organized a private tour of the USA during 1986, and have continued the contact with USA Californian Lifeguards over many subsequent years.

For many years Fundraising has been an important club activity, as funds are always needed for purchase of rescue equipment so the lifesavers can satisfactorily perform rescues and prevent drownings in the surrounding area.

In January 1993, an Ocean Swim ‘ASLSC Swim Classic’ was first conducted as a fundraising activity, known today as the ‘Rock2Ramp’ and is held regularly during the summer holiday period providing much needed funds.

Notably, two Club Members have been President of Surf Life Saving Victoria, Ajax Sutherland in 1985 and Michael Martin AM in 2000, while in 2004 Michael was also elected as the inaugural Chairman of the newly formed Life Saving Victoria.

In 2009 Club Member Lachlan Holbery-Morgan was selected by Surf Life Saving Australia as both Life Saver of the Year as well as Life Guard of the year, this a special honor for the club. The Club had also been selected as SLSA Club of the Year. 

ASLSC established a competitive ‘Hall of Fame’ and the first inductions occurred at the Club’s 60th Anniversary. A Supporters Group was formed in 2014, which brings in much needed funds, provides interest and assistance to the club’s many projects.

ASLSC surf boat crews participated in the 2015 Centenary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli, involving a marathon row around Cape Helles to ANZAC Cove, involving crews from other Australian States, New Zealand and Turkey.

In 2022 the Club will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary, reminiscing an amazing journey from a tin shed in the dunes to our recently completed building opened in January 2021.  Today, members aim to continue their Vigilance and Service, to keep the public safe well into the future.

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