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Club Access

Please note that unless you have renewed your membership for 2021/22, all fobs/wristbands will be deactivated on 1st October.

They will be reactivated upon membership renewal for 2021/22.

Membership renewals are now open.

If you have lost your fob you should report it immediately to the Club office so it can be deactivated for continued Club security.

A new fob can be purchased for $25, wristband $35.

Please select ‘Club Key’ as your transaction type.

If you would like to add the Club gym to your Club access fob, make a payment of $50 via your SLSA Members Area account and we can add it as long as your membership has been renewed for 2021/22. Social Pass holders do not receive a Club access fob.

If you will not be renewing your membership for 2021/22 you should return your fob back to the Club office. Membership cards are available to be picked up from the Club Office.


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