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AGM Honours & Major Awards

At the recent AGM held on Zoom the following Honours and Awards were presented.

Life Member

Geoffrey Inman

Honorary Members

Petrina Porter

Marc Lionnet

Lynn Elliott

Margaret Marsh Award Most Outstanding Club Member Laura Boyer

Shane Edmonds Junior Competition Award Isabella Khalil

Youth Development Award Foundation Mia Jurcevic

Future Leaders Award Lachlan Sallabank

Trainer of the Year Rachael Gay

Margaret Worrell Award Most Points earned in Competition at local Carnivals Saxon Beale Bruce Edmonds Award For Outstanding Contribution to the Nipper program Sophie and Patrick Haseler President’s award For the Most Promising Youth Member Tori Hil

Bruce Thompson Award Most points earned in Beach Competition at local Carnivals Saxon Beale Starfish Trainer of the Year Lincoln Ramsay

ASR Team Member of the Year Hanna Wilkinson

Beach Lifeguard of the year Edward Mackay


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