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Victorian State Junior Championships Results

The small Anglesea dolphins team enjoyed a successful weekend in Warrnambool. With 14 competitors representing Anglesea overall, the team finished finished fourth on the club point score, 9 points behind 3rd. Please find the overall results below: Gold Medals - Jasmine Hume and Isabella Khalil -U12 Board Rescue - Amelia Parr, Grace McIntyre, Isabella Khalil and Jasmine Hume -U12 Aqua Cameron

Silver Medals - Isabella Khalil -U12 Iron - Jasmine Hume -U12 Board

- Isabella Khalil -U12 Swim - Ellie Morgan -U13 Beach Flags - Ellie Morgan -U13 Long Run

Bronze Medals - Josh McKenzie -U13 Beach Sprint - Josh McKenzie -U13 Beach Flags

- James Keenan - Under 12 Surf Race - Jasmine Hume -U12 Iron - Josh McKenzie, Loughan, Archie Farrow, Jensen Martin -U13 Beach Relay - Amelia Parr, Grace McIntyre, Isabella Khalil and Jasmine Hume -U12 Beach Relay - Chloe Fitzgerald, Jasmine Hume, Ellie Morgan - U13 Board Relay

- James Keenan, Fitzwilliam Gilbert - Under 12 Board Rescue

Fourth Place - Jasmine Hume -U12 Swim - Isabella Khalil -U12 Long Run Fifth Place - Isabella Khalil -U12 Board Well done to all coaches, parents, officials and competitors!


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