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Roar - We Have a New Life Member

A new Life Member was introduced at the recent ASLSC AGM - Mr Geoffrey Inman AKA Simba!

Born in 1940, Geoff joined the club in July 1957 and attained his Bronze Medallion that December as a 17 yr old (64 years a member of the club’s 70).

This kicked off a life long involvement in the club and the surf lifesaving movement and in 1961 he gained his Instructors Certificate, followed in 1967 with his Examiners Certificate, 1976 his Advanced Resuscitation Certificate.

Geoff patrolled for 10 years and switched to Active Reserve Membership in 1966.

He served on the club committee across 5 seasons (58/59, 59/60, 66/67, 68/69 & 75/76 and in addition he was Club Chief Instructor in 67/68 and State Council Delegate 68/69.

In 87/88 Geoff took on the role of Vice President of the club’s Building Fund and then a Director of that Building Fund through another 7 seasons to 1995.

In 2004 he was appointed an Honorary Member and has served as one of our Club Patrons for the past 12 years from 2009. Since 2015 he has served as Chairman of the club’s Supporters Group.

Geoff's incredible service has been recognised by Surf Life Saving Australia with a 25yr, 50yr and 60yr awards.

When it came to competition Geoff was quite the swimming force and in one of the club’s great traditions of Belt Swimming at a Torquay carnival in the 60's against a top field in tricky surf, he was the only swimmer to make it to the buoys. Geoff was also a member of the club’s prestigious R&R teams that medaled at Vic State Titles in 60/61, 61/62 & 65/66.

This man has not only been a vital cog in fundraising and club development, he has also been one of those Characters that makes a club truly great. Geoff has been a member of the club for 64 of its 70 years! Happy to communicate with every element of the club, he has always made everyone welcome and always been there to support. Mark Gowans, a fellow life member spoke of memories of Geoff in the early 1980s as a giant of a man larger than life, who whenever he walked in to the room it felt like a scene out of the TV show “Cheers”.

At the AGM Mark called for everyone online to please give me a collective “ROAR” -

Welcome and a huge congratulations to our newest Life Member is Geoffrey Inman - Simba!


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