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Permanent Demons Bluff Beach Closure.

The temporary beach closure at Demons Bluff, Anglesea has been made permanent. This decision was based on the significant public safety risks that landslides pose along this section of cliffed coastline. Following the closure of the beach, it is important to note:

  • An exclusion zone has been set from 100-metres north of the Anglesea Family Caravan Park beach access ramp to 300-metres past Grinders Point. The extent of the exclusion zone can be seen below in Figure 1.

  • Permanent signage will be installed onsite to inform users of the exclusion zone.

  • Only authorised individuals are permitted to enter the exclusion zone, access for all other individuals is prohibited.


  • Park at the end of Hurst Rd, walk via the Surf Coast Walk to Red Rocks Beach, paddle around the headland and then walk along the beach towards Grinders surf break.

  • Via the water from Anglesea (boat, jet ski or surfboard etc.)

ONGOING MANAGEMENT ACTIONS In addition to the beach closure, other ongoing manage- ment actions will continue to control the cliff risk at Demons Bluff. These include:

  • Installation and maintenance of fencing and signage on the clifftop to keep users away from the cliff edge.

  • Continued relocation of the Surf Coast Walk inland away from the cliff edge as erosion encroaches landward.

  • Regular geotechnical investigations.

  • Ongoing monitoring including site visits, aerial imagery analysis and drone surveys.

QUESTIONS If you have any questions about the closure, please get in touch with the Great Ocean Road Authority by calling 1300 736 533 or emailing


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