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Lifesavers with Pride - scholarship

Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) are keen to continue their work this season helping clubs become more inclusive and welcoming to their LGBTIQ members, and to work with SLSA and the states to create a better structure to support inclusion across the board.

This starts with them kicking off their Proud Beaches Scholarship for the summer 2020/21 season, promoting Surf Life Saving as somewhere that LGBTIQ people can feel welcome, safe and valued.

The scholarship helps members of the LGBTIQ community join their local surf club by removing the financial barrier to becoming a lifesaver. The 2019/20 summer was the first season of the scholarships and they awarded one each to of the clubs in NSW, Qld and WA. They hope to increase their recipients this season.

Lifesavers with Pride are encouraging recipients to approach their local club for information on their upcoming BM and SRC courses, so they can apply for the scholarships with this information.

They encourage scholarship applications nationwide from anyone over 13 regardless of gender, culture or physical ability and are identifying that the recipient must meet club requirements, such as the swim test. They will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the award. Clubs who do not charge for their courses can seek to have their expenses reimbursed. Assessments will be reviewed 30 Aug, 30 Oct and 31 Dec as well as 30 Apr.

Note that the applicants will be asked to demonstrate why they should receive the scholarship which means that straight members are also welcome to apply, and identify how their candidacy will increase LGBTIQ involvement in lifesaving (such as a parent of a LGBTIQ nipper, a best friend doing the course to accompany their LGBTIQ friend, or similar)

Lifesavers With Pride

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