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With our growing Junior competition team we always need more officials and coaches and as a parent of a child who is involved in Surf sports we need you to do your bit to help the team and carnivals function.

Everyone can complete an online Officials course which will give us the opportunity to share duties around at Carnivals. It will enhance your understanding of events and assist you in being able to communicate with your child about the sport.

The prerequisites for the technical officials course are

- 16 years plus

- working with children check

- SLSA membership

The course fee is $50.00 which is paid through the SLSA payment gateway. Each participant receives a white official's polo shirt and Official's Kit ( includes hat, drink bottle, bum bag and resources) once all course requirements are completed.

For more information on how to become an official follow this link

Coaches Online Courses

Coaching has an extra prerequisite to the online officials course and that is the requirement that you hold a Bronze Medallion.

Surf Sports is a sport that your children will fall in love with and we urge parents and interested members to gain the qualifications required to assist the smooth running of the Dolphins.

Share the load!

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