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Training Update

Please find to follow an update of our current planning in relation to events such as Bronze Camp and training and qualifications more generally. At this point in time we are anticipating that the majority of training will take place in the pre-Christmas period from 12th December onwards with the potential for additional courses being scheduled after Christmas. Irrespective of when training takes place, it is likely that training will need to take place in smaller groups and with appropriate adjustments to practice as directed by Life Saving Victoria. Our hope is to be able offer a full suite of Advanced Awards and these are listed below along with the group of members who we will be targeting to gain these qualifications;

  • IRB Crew – members who have held their Bronze for a min of 1 yr

  • Advanced Resuscitation & First Aid – members who have held their Bronze for 2 yrs

  • IRB Driver – members who have had held their Bronze for 3 yrs

  • Silver Medallion (Basic Beach Management) – members who hold both BM and First Aid

The Bronze Camp is currently scheduled for

  • Thursday 17th December – Saturday 19th December

and this will be open to all existing members who will turn 15 yrs old by the 19th February 2021.

While we are planning to offer this Camp in the residential structure that has been used in the past, families must understand that this may not be possible and that participants might need to provide their own accommodation in order to participate in this Camp. It could also be necessary to look at different dates and Camp structure depending upon how the COVID situation progresses and we ask for your understanding and patience as we look to develop a safe and accessible program model. Training only takes place due to the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers and is only feasible to run courses when a minimum number of candidates enrol. For this reason it is important that you plan ahead and register promptly when courses are created. With this in mind and although the landscape that we are operating in is continually changing I would ask that you;

  • Give some thought to gaining an additional Award in the coming season

  • Tentatively place the Bronze Camp and the December training dates in your calendar

  • Consider volunteering to assist with the training of these courses either as a Training Officer (if qualified) or as a Club volunteer (logistics and supervision)

Of course, if you would like to get a jump start on your Awards then check out the LSV website for training options both in Melbourne and via a Remote Leaning model. For any further detail or questions please contact Matt Taylor, Director of Member Development.

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