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Important Update - LSV support to Ambulance Victoria!

Lifesaving Victoria are calling for Expressions of Interest from members for operational support to Ambulance Victoria.

LSV has been working with Ambulance Victoria regarding how we might provide operational assistance with first responder activities in accordance with the State Health Emergency & Response Plan.

Proposed Activity

1. Crewing Ambulances - LSV would be tasked with pairing up with a paramedic from AV in an emergency ambulance for patient treatment.

2. Patient Management at pre hospital facilities - LSV would be tasked with assisting nursing and ambulance staff located at facilities that are expected to be built adjacent to hospitals to facilitate patient handover to hospitals.

Proposed Timing

No definite answer in relation to timing.

LSV are seeking members that would like to express their interest in the two key areas as identified above by completing the linked form by 12pm Wednesday 22 April.

For more information and link to the form please follow this link.

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