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Starfish Presentations!

A very special event took place on December 29th at the beginning of the Starfish Nippers session when the Starfish and wider Anglesea community gathered to recognise people who are no longer with us. A named surf board was presented to the Starfish program in memory of each individual.

The event was Mc'd by Anglesea Club Chaplain John Russell, who spoke briefly about each person with the following words.

Matty Hogan

Matty's parents have expressed how grateful they are that Matty experienced Starfish Nippers. As a result of Matty being part of the program the surf club organised a signed disabled parking space in the surf club parking area. Every time you go past think of Matty and how his family always got to Nippers half an hour early to get a park as it was too dangerous crossing the road with Matty.

Georgia Brown

Georgia was truly a 'star' among our Starfish Nippers at Anglesea SLSC. She would light up the beach like a sunrise over Angleseaon a beautiful summers day. We will always remember Georgia for her enthusiasm, willingness to take up new challenges and activities on the beach, her delightful personality and infectious smile. Her parents were always on the beach being involved and encouraging and supporting Georgia and the whole program.

John Worrell

John was a founding member of the Anglesea SLSC and grandfather of Jenni Strauch. He did so much amazing work for the entire surf club and was a massive supporter of Starfish Nippers.

Michael Parsons

Father of Sam and Gabbie and Michael was often on the beach showing his support for his children and for the overall program.

The board were dedicated to the memories of our loved ones who will always remain bright and clear in our hearts.

Starfish Nippers will celebrate its 10th year in 2020 - something we can all be very proud of.

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