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An invitation to join the Worrell Family!

SPREADING OF JOHN WORRELL ASHES The Worrell family would like to invite all club members to share in a very special event, the spreading of John's ashes. A boat will take John’s ashes beyond the break on the main beach. Everyone is invited to choose to either watch from shore, or to join the family in swimming, paddling or rowing out beyond the break to form a circle. John’s ashes, in a soluble salt urn, will be lowered into the water before we make our way back to shore – hopefully on a great wave or two provided by Huey! There will be no speeches or refreshments provided as the family will attend a private lunch. We thank you in advance for being with us as we farewell a legend of the club who meant so much too so many people. The details are as follows:

  • Sunday November 17, 2019

  • 10.15am to 11.15 am

  • Please assemble at 10.15am for the 10.30 start at the bottom of the Surf Club boat ramp.

Please help the Worrell family spread the word via fishing, golfing and lifesaving contacts, friends, old and young. Parking: There is very limited parking available at the Surf Club due to the construction of the new Club, and replacement of mains water pipes along Harvey Street. Suggestions for parking include the large car Park at the river mouth or the car park where Red Till and Go Ride A Wave are situated.

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