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Super Surf League Teams – Victorian Athlete & Management Nominations

Nominations are being called for Athletes & Management personnel wishing to gain selection in the Super Surf Teams League for team VIC

Many of you would be aware of changes to the upcoming surf sports season at a national level. One of those changes is the launching of a new concept the SLSA Super Surf Teams League (SSTL).

LSV is now calling for nominations from athletes wishing to compete for Victoria in our one allocated team. SSTL which will feature Swim, Board, Ski, Beach Sprints and Beach Flags as well as a mixed OceanM Relay which aligns with the broader Olympic strategy and will be broadcast in a delayed format on Fox Sports.

  1. EVENTS:

As indicated the disciplines are predominately Swim, Board, Ski, Beach Sprint and Flags. There are no Ironperson events and members in the Nutri-Grain Series will not be eligible for SSTL.

For more information and how to nominate follow the link below

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