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Come & Try Event - all welcome!

Anglesea SLSC is holding a ‘Come & Try’ day on Sunday Oct 13 between 10.00am and 1.00pm to enable any interested present, past and potential new members to try out boards, skis and surf boats.

The event will be held at Pt Roadknight beach for safety reasons.

The objective is to expose people to surf sports and to eventually have them competing for Anglesea in Open and Masters competition.

An opportunity will be provided to discuss pathways through qualification as active lifesavers with Club leaders.

Even if you have had no previous experience with surf craft this is your opportunity to have a try and have some fun. The day will coincide with Dolphins as part of their scheduled training program.

We hope that current members will also encourage parents, other family members, friends and colleagues to come along on the 13th.

Subject to interest a further opportunity will be arranged for Sunday Nov 10.

To help us arrange craft and assistance by other club members, we would ask that you register your intention to attend, providing age details and preferred craft so that we can schedule the various activities.

This will be a great opportunity for everyone to gain some experience with these craft and possibly progress to become competitive members for our Club.

Registration can be completed by clicking the link below and mentioning 'Come & Try day and what craft/events you would like to try.

Look forward to seeing you on Oct 13th - it will be a great day and fun for everyone!!

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