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19th Hole Bistro & Bar

We are pleased to announce that the 19th Hole Bistro and Bar have joined the family of businesses supporting Anglesea Surf Club.

Located as the name would suggest at the Anglesea Golf Course it opens daily from 10am serving coffee, snacks, lunch and dinner. Special dinner options are available mid-week and Happy Hour Friday's can be enjoyed by all.

The bistro has a very friendly atmosphere to welcome golfers, holidaymakers and international guests and we are proud to partner with the 19th Hole Bistro & Bar and thank them for their support.

A special ASLSC member offer is a free coffee with every piece of cake purchased ....and believe me the cake is to die for!!

Please remember your membership card must be shown to redeem this offer.

Welcome to the family 19th Hole Bistro & Bar!

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