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Under 15 Leadership Camp

Life Saving Victoria's U15 Leadership Development Camp was held at YMCA Camp Manyung on May 10 – 12, 2019.

Anglesea SLSC had the following attendees

  • Verity Duff

  • Harriet Maskell

Overall it was a fantastic camp with 48 amazing youth members attending across 28 clubs. This is the largest U15 camp that LSV have ever delivered! The participants were split across four groups which were led by eight LSV volunteer leaders, who all gave up their weekend to assist to develop our youth members.

The U15 Camp is an opportunity for youth members to develop their leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills, while broaden their understanding of lifesaving as we support them to progress through their lifesaving journey.

Camp Objectives

· Develop participants self-awareness, leadership and team work skills

· Inspire participants to stay involved in lifesaving through broadening their understanding of lifesaving pathways

· Facilitate an environment to develop a network of friends across the state

· Encourage participants to make valued contributions back to their clubs


YMCA Camp Manyung is situated in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

It is on a large property, which lends itself to have quite a variety of activities available which are suitable for the 14 and 15 year old age bracket.

There is also multiple cabin sleeping quarters, which allows us to spread out and have a comfortable amount of participants in each cabin.


Participants were involved in numerous activities and workshops across the weekend, these included -

Tree top adventure, initiatives trail, crate climb, leadership workshop, lifesaving opportunities workshop and a race around Manyung plus more.

All activities are designed for the participants to learn from in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

Youth Symposium

On the camp all the participants were invited and encouraged to come along to the Youth Symposium at Life Saving Victoria on June 1st. This event highlights the significance that LSV places on retaining our youth members, building relationships, and most importantly making sure our young members have a voice, about what the future of lifesaving looks like in Victoria.

While it is a whole day event if members want to sign up and only attend part of it due to other commitments, that’s ok to.


The YMCA staff who worked with the group gave lots of positive comments and really enjoyed working with a group of kids who really wanted to be there.

All participants were given the opportunity to give us feedback at the end of camp.

Congratulations Harriet and Verity on representing Anglesea and doing us proud!

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