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Female Leadership Program


Life Saving Victoria is inviting all new, emerging or those leaders looking for inspiration, to an exciting new intermediate female program offering.

Ready 2 Lead will be the first LSV female leadership program to offer a blended format; consisting of both day and night and an opportunity for regional participants to access night sessions via skype.

Topics for this program include;

  • Leadership Styles and Managing Others

  • Team Formation

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Risk and Change Management

  • Decision Making

  • Wellness - Managing self and managing others

  • Presenters for this program have been sourced to specifically meet the needs of LSV members and will provide participants with fresh motivation, new insights and skills to help excel and support them with their leadership aspirations.

People that may be interested in applying for this program include but not limited to Club Captains, Patrol Captains, Age Managers, Committee Members, Club Delegates and Junior Coordinators.

Ready 2 Lead Program Details;

We will be delivering two programs, a metro offering at Life Saving Victoria and regional offering in the Western area.

Metro Dates;

Saturday June 15 - Full Day @ LSV HQ

Thursday July 11 - Night (6:30pm to 9:30pm approximately)

Wednesday August 14 - Night (6:30pm -8:30pm approximately)

Saturday August 17 - Full Day @ LSV HQ

Regional Dates;

Saturday June 22 -Full Day @ Western

Thursday July 11 - Night via Skype (6:30pm to 9:30pm approximately) @ LSV HQ

Wednesday August 14 - Night via Skype (6:30pm -8:30pm approximately) @LSV HQ

Saturday August 24 - Full Day @ Western

Cost - $150 + GST

Registrations close Wednesday, June 5

Let us know if you are registering by emailing :

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