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Marli Wilkinson makes her mark!

Marli Wilkinson is a fantastic athlete and heads into States this weekend at Warrnambool with exciting prospects. Described by Kate Walker, Director of Surf Sports as an incredibly talented and extremely modest athlete who is always prepared to do the hard work required to be successful at the highest level.

Marli will compete in the following events over the weekend.

- Open Mixed Beach Relay

- Open Womens 2 x 1km Beach Relay

- Open Womens Beach Flags

- Open Womens Beach Relay

- Open Womens Beach Sprint

- Under 19 Womens 2 x 1km Beach Relay

- Under 19 Womens Beach Flags

- Under 19 Womens Beach Sprint

We chatted to Marli this week during her first week of university and asked her a few questions about her experiences in Surf LifeSaving.

1. How did you come to compete for Anglesea?

With a family beach house in Anglesea is was the logical thing to do to join Nippers when l was 7 years old. With this age group as we went through Nippers we had a really strong group of competitive girls which made it all incredibly fun. I have competed for ASLSC from Under 8 right through to Seniors now.

2. What are your favourite events?

Right through Nippers my favourite event was definitely the boards however when the boards grew in size and l did not that is when l made the shift to beach events. My favourite event is the Beach Sprint.

3. What do you do away from the beach?

Aside from the beach l am very involved in athletics running longer sprints like the 400m. I just completed Year 12 last year and am now at university studying Science.

4. Do you do any other sports?

Mainly just athletics but l also swim 1 - 2 times a week.

5. Do you have any words of wisdom for our Dolphins who are coming through the pathway?

Stick with the sport!

It's so rewarding. It's a great place to make friends all over Victoria and Australia! The competitions are great fun staying around the country at all different beaches, racing top notch athletes.

Thank you Marli and good luck in your events over the weekend and later this month at Aussies.

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