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Rescue and Resuscitation otherwise known as R&R

R&R is a competition based on the simulated rescue and resuscitation of a patient from the surf using the traditional belt and reel. It combines swimming, resuscitation skills, marching and drill with teams judged against set criteria.

There are three different forms of the event

- 2 person (mixed sexes UN 10 - UN 13)

- 5 person (mixed for ages), Open Women and Open Men

- 6 person Open Mixed

One of our ASLSC teams have been very successful and are called the Anglesea Devils and to the R&R crew they are best known as the "Cheeky Devils".

The Cheeky Devils consists of the following members

- Mikaela Dale (1st line)

- Alexandra Madeley (2nd line)

- Lucas Waters (belt swimmer)

- Mia Duckett (patient)

- Christian O'Nians (reelsman)

This team was formed as an Under 15 team and were initially coached by Warren Clarke and taken over by Christine Cardwell who still coaches them today. They have won 3 Aussie gold medal ( Un 15, Un 17 and Un 19) and 2 Aussies Silvers, plus numerous State medals.

The Devils are the current Un 19 Australian 5 Person R&R Champions and will compete in the open Mixed 5 person event at the Aussies coming up in early April.

Good luck in Warrnambool this weekend - we can't wait to hear of your results.

Anglesea Devils

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