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Applications open - Grants Officer

Following the recent departure of Jim Geary (10+ years of exceptional service in this space) we are looking for someone to take over his work identifying, securing and managing grants.

An overview of the role follows below.


  1. Responsible for identifying funding opportunities for projects and priorities.

  2. To coordinate &/or develop grant applications and be responsible for monitoring that project milestones are being met, reporting progress to funding bodies and ensuring that grants are acquitted in a timely manner.

  3. Responsible for the identification, coordination and preparation of high-quality applications for Awards.



  • Responsibility for high-quality grant applications for ASLSC, and ensuring that ASLSC's opportunities to obtain external funding are maximised by:

  • Understanding the organisation’s priorities.

  • Seeking specific grant funding to match the organisational priorities.

  • Assist in the development of partnerships and projects including undertaking research and budget preparations to support grant applications.

  • Liaising with ASLSC’s internal business units to gather all pertinent information required for completing the grant application including the provision of financial support and in-kind support.

  • Ensuring that high-quality grant applications are submitted on time.

  • Develop a network of contacts within Local, State, Territory and Federal Government departments and other non-government bodies to maximise knowledge of available grants and the applicable guidelines and eligibility criteria.

  • To develop Quality Assurance procedures relevant to grant applications including:

  • Developing and being responsible for a statistical database relevant to the preparations of a broad range of submissions.

  • Developing organisational procedures for the whole grants process, including the identification of key steps/components of successful applications.

  • Preparing a calendar of critical dates/key milestones.

  • To monitor the outcome of grant/subsidy applications by establishing an appropriate database for monthly reporting.

Like to know more? Call Chris Foley, Vice President, Operations on 0451 514 803.

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