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Car park safety lighting

In response to community concerns over public safety due to poor lighting in the Ray Marsh Room car park, Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club has applied for and received a grant to install safety lights.

Lighting solutions investigated:

  1. 4.5m high galvanised metal poles (traditional street lights) x 3 (LED light source).

  2. Low rise (1.5 meter) poles that are aesthetically designed to blend in to the surrounds and minimise glare x 6 (LED light source).

Proposed solution (illustrated below):

  • Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club proposes installing the vERTAIC Solar powered bollard.

  • 1.5 meter poles constructed with extruded aluminium finished in anodisation black.

  • In built glassless solar panels offering high vandal resistance and optimised vertical sunlight absorption.

  • Totally shatterproof, flame resistant and can be cleaned with all graffiti and paint remover. No need for wiring or electrical connections.

  • Optics designed for carpark and community area applications that meet global roadway standards and glare index (these are low glare bollards).

  • See below for site location.

Have your say:

  • Prior to proceeding you are welcome to provide comment on the proposed safety solution.

  • Please forward your comments in writing before 2 March 2017 to:


  • Car Park Safety c/o Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club, 100 Great Ocean Road, ANGLESEA, 3230.

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