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Ice to the rescue

ASLSC thanks the generous donation of a fantastic new ice machine by Frostline and Simag.

Frostline is Australia's leading ice machine solution provider to hotels, clubs and restaurants and Simag is an Italian based manufacture of the worlds best ice machines.

Together Frostline and Simag have provided ASLSC with a new ice machine capable of pumping out 30 kilos of flawless ice cubes a day to service our first aid needs with any surplus being used to keep drinks chilled on the Deck and in the bar.

For all your ice machine needs we encourage you to contact Simon Denton at Frostline and ask him about their range of Simag machines. Simon can be contacted on:

Phone: (03) 9562 4400 or 1300 550 502 Email: Mob: 0411 533 645

Pictured below is ASLSC President, Tom Cullen with Michele Granziera, Simag's General Manager Asia / Australasia.: .

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