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Beach access now easier

Access to Anglesea beach is now easier thanks to Hilton White Trustees.

ASLSC members and the public are welcome to come and use the chair which is stored in the Club house. All you need to do is ring the office on 03 5263 1107 or email and sign the hire form that is kept in the Uniform Shop.

About Hilton White Trustees

Hilton White and his brothers, Joe and Charles, were the original directors and shareholders of Joe White Maltings. Hilton White died in 1976. The estate of Hilton White was established as a charitable bequest in accordance with his will. There are three trustees of the estate and the annual dividends received from the trust fund are distributed to charities, the majority of which are based in Ballarat. This year the trustees decided to include the Anglesea SLSC Supporters Group as a beneficiary and specified that the money was to be used exclusively in furthering the development of the Starfish Nippers.

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