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Clubhouse Redevelopment

It’s great to be able to advise that as of 13 November 2020 we have obtained occupancy of the redevelopment and the builder has handed over the facility to the Club.


For those who have not been able to keep up with the development or are new to the club we are taking this opportunity to provide a bit of an overview of the redevelopment.

The Background


The reasons for redeveloping the lower (older) part of the existing clubhouse were twofold:


  1. The existing building which was close to 60 years old failed to comply with current occupational health and safety standards and community expectations for the operational and training base for Victoria’s largest surf life saving club and

  2. The Club had simply outgrown the existing facility that was constructed when there were around 200 members. ASLSC has around 1,500 members and the facilities could not support that level of membership. Usage varies significantly throughout the year peaking in December and January with a lower level of use throughout the winter months. However, the Club does make continuous use of the facility throughout the year with activities such as club training, social events and equipment upgrading and repair. Further, today there is a reasonable expectation that facilities such as these are available for wider community use outside the peak lifesaving facility.


Undertaking the redevelopment was not a quick process.  Our architects advise it is the longest held file on their books as it was first opened in 2009!  The ensuing 11 years have seen a lot of work by a lot of people to deliver the new facility involving (in no particular order):


  • Obtaining a new lease (which has formed the basis for a new standard lease for surf lifesaving clubs on Crown Land in Victoria);

  • Undertaking community consultation:

  • Obtaining Coastal Consent from DEWLP;

  • Obtaining Planning Approval from Surf Coast Shire;

  • Developing and then revising plans for the redevelopment;

  • Obtaining the necessary funding support for the project.


This multitude of requirements finally came together in early 2019 and the club was able to appoint a preferred builder with work commencing in July 2019.


What Was the Scope?             


The new building, which is within the footprint of the previous building, has replaced existing facilities and more effectively links the lower and upper clubhouse buildings and provides:


  • More accessible and appropriate first aid facilities and easier ambulance access;

  • Separation of the training and operational areas with appropriate storage areas;

  • Administrative offices and member/visitor areas to support ongoing activities;

  • Training facilities on the upper level that will cater for current and future lifesaving training requirements. These facilities have been designed with flexibility in mind so that in the off-season the club has the opportunity to encourage wider use by community and corporate organisations, the latter providing an increased income stream to the club and potentially other Anglesea service providers;

  • A commercial kitchen capable of serving both the café/restaurant in the existing Ray Marsh Room and events in the new building; and

  • A kiosk on the lower level that will be able to cater for all beach goers.


The opportunity has also been taken to repurpose some areas of the older building with the gym being relocated to what was the Female Bunkroom and the old gym being refurbished to provide a social area for younger members.


The Ray Marsh Room has been repainted and new floor coverings laid in preparation for reopening of the café/restaurant.


How Is It Being Paid For?


The Club has consistently worked on a budget figure of around $5.5 million for the build with fit out costs on top of that. To date the Club has raised around $5.3 million as follows:


  • A state government grant of $1,500,000 via the Life Saving Facility Development Fund;

  • A federal government grant of $500,000 from the Regional Jobs and Investment Program;

  • A federal government grant of $1,000,000 from the Building Better Regions Fund

  • A grant of $250,000 from the Surf Coast Shire; and

  • Donations and pledges totaling $ 2,300,000 from members and supporters.


As much of the grant funding was paid on achievement of milestones it was necessary to cash flow the actual construction phase and the Club negotiated a financial facility to support this requirement and cover any debt


Will The Community Have Access To The Facilities?


Yes, Anglesea SLSC clubhouse is a community facility that can be booked by community groups who will benefit from discounted rates by calling the office on 52631107 or email to


Surfcoast Shire’s recent “Surfclubs of the Future” project identified the need for greater community use of facilities on crown land and Anglesea SLSC strongly supports this position and can point to widespread community use of its facilities over the past 20 years for social, educational and professional activities.


We know that our redeveloped facility will provide an excellent basis for expanding this community use as well as providing much needed club facilities.


Will There Be More Parking?


In a word, no.  The Club is on Crown land surrounded by native vegetation so the land managers will not grant more space. The redevelopment will provide additional storage space so some parking that is currently taken up by club equipment will be freed up.


Future Works


Over the next 2 to 3 years works will be carried out on the existing upper building to bring it up to contemporary building standards including new windows, installation of insulation and improved fire rating of building support columns.  These will be timed as funding allows and so as to minimise impact on operations.


In Conclusion


This redevelopment has always been seen as a once in 50 years opportunity that will ensure that current and future members of Anglesea SLSC have the facilities needed to deliver on our guiding principles:


Purpose: To save lives and keep people safe on the beach.


Mission: To deliver exceptional Surf Lifesaving services - protecting and strengthening our community.


Vision: A flourishing Club Community; where people are well connected, give service, develop to their full potential, socialise and have fun, achieve physical and mental health, care for each other and improve the environment.

Redevelopment Plans

Redevelopment Plans

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