Anglesea/Mentone relationship

April 28, 2017


Friday 28th April 2017


We wish to advise that the Surf Sports Senior Team alliance between Anglesea SLSC and Mentone LSC developed in 2009 has been dissolved effective immediately.


Whilst several of the objectives outlined in the original alliance have been achieved, Mentone LSC’s executive has decided, in consultation with Anglesea SLSC, to foster a Mentone LSC Surf Sports team culture and build their own identity and history.


Both clubs have valued the alliance and there is no malice or bad blood between the two clubs. Anglesea SLSC and Mentone LSC thank each club and wish each other the best for the future and will be exploring other ways to continue a relationship moving forward.


All competitors can choose which club they wish to compete for moving forward. However, both clubs would appreciate that if you are originally from either Anglesea or Mentone and are considering transferring that you discuss this prior with your coach or with your original club with Peter Van Miltenburg (ASLSC) or Aaron Hamstead (MLC).


Should you have any questions or concerns please contact:


Anglesea SLSC                                                         

Peter Van Miltenburg                                               

Surf Sports Director                                                  

m. 0404 092 040                                                        



Mentone LSC

Aaron Hamstead

Senior Competition Team Manager

m. 0478 000 726



Kind Regards,


Tom Cullen                                                                                         Russell Rees

President                                                                                             President

Anglesea SLSC                                                                                  Mentone LSC

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