The Club is run by a Board of Directors elected by the Club membership. The Board is chaired by the President and supported by a Secretary. The Board consists of the following Club Directors:

  • Vice President – Operations

  • Vice President - Lifesaving

  • Club Captain

  • Director of Finance

  • Director of Administration

  • Director of Marketing

  • Director of Facilities

  • Director of Surf Sports

  • Director of Youth Development

  • Director of Rescue Services

  • Director of Member Development

Under each Director there are a various of Club Leaders to support the operations of that portfolio. Refer to the current Organisational Structure to review these roles and where they align. In addition position descriptions for each Directors’ role can be found on the website.

Sub-Committees and Advisory-Committees may be established by the Board to assist in the management of the Club as provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws and shall report and make recommendations only to the Board.

The below are the current standing sub-committees and advisory-committees that are in place. Also listed is the purpose and current chair of these committees:

  • The Supporters Group Advisory Committee – To encourage greater local participation and support surf sports and youth development. The Vice President’s rotate representation of the Board at these meetings.

  • Honours & Awards Sub-Committee – To consider and recommend to the Board all honours and awards including awards presented by ASLSC and nominations of Members for awards from other organisations to be given to Members and supporters in recognition of service to ASLSC. The Club Captain is the chair of the sub-committee.

  • House Sub-Committee – To provide guidance and oversight of facility and catering operations. The Vice President – Operations is the chair.

  • Youth Development Sub-Committee – To coordinate the delivery and direction of the Nipper Program/Activities. The Director of Youth Development is the chair.

  • Surf Sports Sub-Committee – To coordinate the operations and direction of Surf Sports within the Club. The Director of Surf Sports is the chair.

  • Governance Advisory Committee – To monitor and recommend updates to the Board in regards to governance, policies, constitution, bylaws and the strategic plan. The Vice President – Operations is the chair.

  • Audit & Finance Advisory Committee – To monitor and review all financial areas of the club for approved accountability. Whilst also reviewing and improving financial processes/policies within the club. The Vice President – Operations is the chair.


Anglesea SLSC also employs several staff to ensure the Club operates to its capacity and meets it strategic and compliance requirements.