Governance Principles

Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club (ASLSC) will operate under the following governance principles. These have been based on the Australian Institute of Company Directors 'Good Governance Principles for Not-for-Profit Organisations' and are supported by the ASLSC By Laws.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
    There should be clarity regarding individual director responsibilities, organisational expectations of directors and the role of the Board. This is supported by clear and current by-laws.

  • Board and Management Committee Composition
    ASLSC’s organisation leadership (Board and Committee members) needs to consist of people with a mix of the right skills and experience. Consideration will be given to how the addition of an individual builds the collective capability and effective functioning of the Board and Committees.

  • Purpose and Strategy
    The Board is responsible for setting the vision, purpose and strategies of the organisation, helping the organisation understand these and adapting the direction or plans as appropriate. This is documented in ASLSC’s Strategic Plan and reviewed and updated regularly.

  • Risk - Recognition and Management
    By putting in place an appropriate system of risk oversight and internal controls, the Board can help increase the likelihood that ASLSC will deliver on its purpose.

  • Organisational Performance
    ASLSC will develop and use appropriate performance categories and indicators to assess progress at delivering on its purpose.

  • Board Effectiveness
    ASLSC’s Board effectiveness will be enhanced through: careful forward planning of Board-related activities; Board meetings being run in an efficient manner; regular assessments of Board performance; having a Board succession plan; and the effective use of sub-committees, where appropriate.

  • Integrity and Accountability
    It is important that the Board have in place a system whereby: there is a flow of information to the Board that aids decision-making; there is transparency and accountability to external stakeholders; and the integrity of financial statements and other key information is safeguarded.

  • Organisation Building
    The Board has a role to play in enhancing the capacity, capabilities and culture of ASLSC and its members.

  • Culture and Ethics
    The Board sets the tone for ethical and responsible decision-making throughout the organisation.

  • Engagement
    The Board helps ASLSC to engage effectively with stakeholders.