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The December Bronze Camp has long been a rite of passage at the ASLSC and a great social opportunity for younger members. Why are you getting rid of it?

The Bronze Camp was indeed an institution within the club. However, the model that most of us are familiar with has in many respects been too successful and ultimately had become unsustainable. The impact upon members managing these large groups of young people is noticeable, as has the impact upon facilities and equipment. Moreover, the retention and engagement of many new members outside of the immediate summer period was low. Our new model looks to address these factors.

How are new members going to be inducted and retained by the Club?

We are looking to enhance the Leadership & Development opportunities within the Club and in partnership with LSV. We are also develop a Waterman program that provides existing members the ability to develop their skill set outside the normal qualification and competition areas. We hope to pursue a wider range of complementary activities both in and out of the water and to increase engagement with other local emergency service providers (CFA, SES, VICPOL)

Will all candidates who have there SRC be able to participate in the December Bronze Fast Track Camp?

No. It is likely that we will have more candidates then we have places for this particular camp. Preference will be given to those members who meet the relevant criteria (

If I am not selected for the December Bronze Fast Track Camp will I still be able to get my Bronze medallion?

Yes. There are additional camps set for September, 2018 and late January 2019.

If I am completing a Bronze Fast Track Camp do I have to also complete an additional qualification (First Aid / IRBC)?

No. However, the course structure will be designed to allow you to do so and all candidates are encouraged to attain an additional qualification.

Why would I want to be a trainer?

The ability to train and share knowledge and skills is an attribute that is highly valued by employees. By becoming a trainer you not only further develop your own life saving skills but you also formally attain qualifications that are applicable to all workplaces.

I would like to be a trainer at one of the camps? What do I need to do?

If you hold a current Training Officer Certificate then you can apply to be a Senior Instructor at one of the camps. If you are just starting down the path of being a trainer then you will need to complete a TOC Course run by LSV and can then come assist as a trainee trainer. For further information please contact Phoebe Michetti at

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