Codes of Behaviour

We all love being an integral part of a community organisation and no matter what our involvement we are all expected to be respectful and courteous to others.


We also love our sport, but what is equally important is the way our sport is conducted and the manner in which sportsmen/women conduct themselves.

Unfortunately, some people fail to live up to the traditional values of sport. Worse still, young people can be influenced and the rest of their sporting lives can be coloured by these experiences.

Young people involved in sport have a right to participate in a safe and supportive environment. Over-zealous parents, boisterous spectators, opinionated competitors and quick-tempered coaches may need to be reminded of appropriate behaviour when involved with sport.

We have based our Codes of Behaviour on the Australian Sports Commissions Codes which have been developed to remind and encourage all Australians involved in sport to support and nurture all our young competitors.

These Codes of Behaviour identify a series of key principles on which young competitors, parents, coaches, officials and spectators should base their sporting involvement. The Codes will ensure that young people develop good sporting behaviours and have an enjoyable experience of sport, which will encourage them to remain involved throughout their lives.