Associate Members

The primary role of the Anglesea SLSC is to provide a safe beach for the public. The Club’s many activities, including social functions, fund raising events and competition all contribute in some way or another to supporting the Club’s role.


As an Associate member, you assist our role by providing much needed support for fundraising activities as well as your membership fee going towards the general day to day running of our Club and the purchase of vital rescue equipment.


In return for your support you have full use of all Club facilities, can undertake awards and can become involved in a variety of Club social functions and enjoy member discounted rates for Club hire.

As representatives of our Club, Associate membersand Social Pass Holders are required to abide by our General Codes of Behaviour.

Club policy requires Associate members over the age of 18 to complete a Working With Children Card and all Nipper Parents are required to become Associate Members.