Nipper Program & Surf Sport

The cost of the Nipper Program is included in your discounted Family Fee. The Family Fee covers the cost of one or two parents and nipper membership, S-Badge testing, insurance, access to discounted courses and a nipper pack (Nipper cap, T-shirt and other sun smart items).

The Nipper Summer Program is a 9-session program over summer which gives all children the opportunity to participate, learn and have fun. The program focuses on:

  • Fun

  • Basic first aid

  • Awareness of beach hazards such as rips, waves, rocks etc.

  • An introduction to aspects of surf sport activities such as board paddling, wading, beach flags etc


Each age group has certain skills and activities to learn and in turn each child receives a certificate. Each nipper is required to have achieved all the skills of their age group to be awarded the relevant certificate. 

The Dolphin Surf Sports Program is a year-round program where nippers train regularly and are able to compete in various events at Victorian carnivals organised by Life Saving Victoria throughout the season (usually December to March). Dolphins runs throughout the year, monthly over the off-season and then weekly from October until the Victorian Junior Lifesaving Championships in March. All nippers are welcome to join our Dolphin Surf Sports Program if they have participated in the Nipper Summer Program and have achieved their age group swimming (S badge) distances.

There is an additional fee for each carnival entry or a Junior Competition Pack can be purchased which covers the cost of 3 local carnivals and Junior Victorian Championships.

Note: Competitors will not be entered for any carnival unless the individual carnival fee or Junior Competition Pack fee has been received.


U14 Nippers are required to pay the extra course fee for the Surf Rescue Certificate.

Please note that we are still waiting for information on what updates LSV have made to the Sports App. Last known information was that they were developing the app to have payment capabilities which would allow Nipper parents to pay and enter their own child/ren into carnivals. Once we know what is happening with the app we will be able to update the Surf Sport information on this web page.