Member Protection

Anglesea SLSC is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all participating in Club activities by actively promoting the principles of equal opportunity, social justice and cultural safety so that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. SLSA, LSV and ASLSC are committed to being an inclusive organisation open to all who wish to participate regardless of age, gender, disability, cultural and linguistic background or sexual orientation.


Member Protection Officer

The Club has an appointed Member Protection Officer (MPO) who is responsible for addressing any grievance against activities of ASLSC and/or members of the ASLSC. This can involve gathering details of any grievance, investigating and gathering facts, coordinating responses, communicating with the ASLSC Board and finalising the grievance. The MPO may refer the grievance to the ASLSC President for assistance and a Review Panel under certain circumstances.

The Club’s Member Protection Officer is Jane Horne who can be contacted on 0427 795 940.


A grievance means any type of problem, concern or complaint about your participation in Club activities or the environment in which you are involved. For example, grievances might pertain to:

  • How a Club issue has been handled

  • The Club environment

  • Safety in the workplace

  • Treatment by an official, officer or a member

  • Bullying

  • Discrimination

  • Development and training availability

  • Harassment


ASLSC recognises you have a right to feel safe and be free from harassment and discrimination within the club environment. Policy 033 – Grievance Policy sets out what a member should do if they believe they have a grievance.