Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders shall -

  • Abide by the Codes of Behaviour for members;

  • Recognise the importance of, and encourage the development of members, encompassing camaraderie and team work;

  • Treat members with respect and accept the duty of care for the welfare, safety health and happiness of members and conduct themselves responsibly;

  • Be a role model to all members and conduct themselves in a manner befitting a leader with Surf Lifesaving;

  • Adhere to all Association Policies and ensure that the duty of care to all members is met in these areas;

  • Accept that adults in Surf Lifesaving do not involve themselves in unobserved activities with individual youth members;

  • Realise that physical or verbal abuse, neglect or any other type of abuse, is unacceptable conduct by any member of the Association;

  • Allow members the opportunity and access to gain valuable leadership qualities and skills through lifesaving and surf sports activities;

  • Provide the best possible lifesaving and sporting activities for members with the view to encouraging and promoting long term active participation;

  • Be reasonable in demands on members time, energy, enthusiasm and commitment;

  • Ensure young members are involved in planning, leadership, evaluation and decision making processes at various levels within the Association;

  • Ensure that equal opportunities for participation in lifesaving are made available to all members regardless of ability, race, colour, religion or sex