Surf Sports & Nipper Craft

All Surf Sports Craft, with the exception of Surf Boats, are located in the main store on the lower ground floor. Equipment is allocated to a specific person, with some gear stored in the storeroom owned by individual members.


If you do not own the equipment or have had it allocated to you, please do not take equipment out to use. If it has been allocated to you, there may be rules that you need to follow, from your coach/s, for use outside of training sessions. 


If you do not know what to use you can take out a member G-board Surfboard or a Member Training board, if you want to have a play and catch some waves. However please ensure that it is cleaned and returned to the trolley after use that day.


Surf Boats are located at the offsite storage facility.


Nipper craft is to be used during nipper sessions or Dolphin training sessions only.