Member Pathways

Membership of the Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club has a number of different meanings. At its most basic, ‘membership’ is an administrative element that recognises the payment of certain fees and the meeting of basic criteria that allows an individual to participate formally in the life of the Club. To this end there are a number of different membership categories that afford the member different levels of opportunities and expectations.

The notion of ‘member development’ has evolved from what was historically termed Training & Assessment and which was solely focused upon the Active Membership and the attainment of awards and qualifications that were specifically related to lifesaving skills and, for the most part, the patrol environment.

While training and assessment remains a core function of the Anglesea SLSC the intention of the Member Development section is to provide opportunities for growth for all members across all ages and in a more diverse range of areas.

For this to be achieved member development needs to be the core business of all members. It is not something that is restricted to a certain place or time but it is rather the lived and shared experience of interacting with others and the environment in which we come together.