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Participating in surf sports training and carnivals/events is a great way for Nippers to continue to grow their skills and confidence in the surf and beach environments. The competition team adopts a participation-focused approach that offers Nippers a fun and highly social experience. Nippers who participate in surf sports develop lifelong 'beach' friendships and find surf sport competition to be an incredibly rewarding experience.


Anglesea SLSC Nipper Surf Sports Program offers a friendly, low commitment competition program designed to allow Nippers to experience the fun of surf sports without having to commit to an ongoing training and competition schedule. We recognise that children and their parents are often managing a range of commitments and that children are involved in sport elsewhere, but also know that surf sports has so much to offer.

The club supports 4 Carnivals each year and you can choose to attend one or all of those. Nippers who join our competition team for $100 are provided with entry to all 4 of these carnivals and also receive an item of competition team gear as recognition for the commitment to the program. The item they receive is relevant to how many years they have been a member of the competition team.


Voluntary training is offered every second day over Summer and each Sunday from October through to the end of February when we participate in the Victorian Junior State Championships, this year to be held in Lorne.

Training Schedule:

  1. Decide on which carnivals you wish to compete in:

    • (2018/19 Sesason TBA)

2. ​Work out if you will purchase the Competition Team pack (Entry for up to 4 carnivals & team gear) or pay for       

        individual carnivals ($24 per carnival)​.

3. Complete the registration form below.


.If you have any questions or want to know more please do not hesitate to contact Fiona Fitzgerald on 0439 301898 or come along to one of our Sunday training sessions which start at 10 am.

How to register:

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