Renew Your Family Group


Membership Renewal via Members Portal – Family Group         

Please note: if you need to add new family members to your Family Group please follow the instructions in Create a Family Group.

Before you start - Are you 18 years or over? Is your Working With Children Card current?

  1. Primary Contact should login to your Members Portal here.

  2. Click ‘Memberships’ and choose ‘Family’ from the drop down menu.
    Click ‘View/Edit’ to view family members contained in your Family Group.
    Click ‘Renew Memberships’. When your list of family members appears tick each member you are renewing. If there are family members contained in your Family Group who do not wish to renew, do not tick their box.
    There will not be a box next to your own name because you are in your own Members Portal account.


  3. Tick the declaration then ‘Submit’.

  4. Success.
    Click ‘Make a Payment’.


  5. Click ‘Pay Online’.

  6. A membership fees pricelist will appear.
    Choose your Transaction Type from the drop down menu. Enter your Payment Details. If this has been pre-filled simply delete and type your payment description.
    Enter the amount.
    Enter another transaction if required then click ‘Next’.

  7. Enter your credit card details and ‘Submit’.


The Club will receive a copy of your payment receipt immediately.

Your membership renewal will remain pending until we check that all other membership requirements have been met.

If you have any questions or issues with the above steps please don’t hesitate to call the Club Office during office hours and we will talk you through the process.

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