Each season the Club has many expenses that it must meet. As a result we organise several fund raising activities to help cover these costs such as:

  • Annual Golf Day – Helpers are required to cook BBQ’s, set up the golf course and sell raffle tickets.

  • Annual Door Knock – The Door Knock Appeal is held during the peak holiday season. Members and helpers are allocated an area (2 to 3 residential blocks) of Anglesea to cover. Collectors should wear Club attire with name tags, maps, Collection tins, pens and receipt books.
    We need your support!

  • Rock2Ramp – This is a major event weekend which requires many helpers for:
    - setting up the course
    - manning the BBQ
    - manning the course, including registrations
    - manning drink stations
    - providing first aid and water safety
    - recorders at the finish
    - erecting signage
    - packing up at the end
    - filling and distributing event show bags


We strongly encourage all Club members to assist with these events. Every little bit helps! Keep an eye out for communication about how you can help.