Rescue Services

- Active Members


All Active members who hold lifesaving awards and keep them proficient can contribute to the Clubs core purpose – patrolling the beach. These members are also valuable in ensuring our Nipper Program runs by providing Water Safety.

Our Junior and Senior competitors also benefit from our qualified Active Members providing Water Safety during surf carnivals and competition training sessions.

Being involved in Rescue Services provides members with:

  • Community Service

    • Beach Patrols

    • Water Safety

  • Positive Life Skills

    • Develop teamwork

    • Build and improve relationships

    • Improve leadership skills

  • Personal Development

    • Improve self-awareness and identity

    • Develop talents and potential

    • Facilitate employability

    • Enhance ATAR score for some university entrance

    • Fitness and emotional well-being

    • Improve ability to problem solve

  • Increase your Network

    • Connect with like-minded people who can help you enhance your expertise & knowledge and create potential opportunities